Sunday, August 17, 2014

compiled some old school joints last night for fun, ENJOY!!!

1 No Competition' (Unction Laity late 80's) 4:17 Def Dee & Scott Fresh
2 Karim Special Edit 6:48 The Grand Master Lover
3 Earth Break' (Stones Throw reissue 2004) 5:51 Mr. Magic & Pookie Blow
4 Want The Body' (Superfly 1979) 7:22 The Incredible Fly
5 CC Crew Rap' (Golden Flamingo 1980) 10:59 CC Crew
6 The Party' (Olympus 1980) 6:15 The Chill Factor
7 Space Rap' (Shurfine 1980) 8:21 Danny Renee & The Charisma Crew
8 Young Ladies' (NIA 1980) 5:34 Lonnie Love
9 TSOB' (TSOB Records 1980) 8:31 Master Jay & Michael Dee
10 School'n (Put Your Mind To The Message)' (Funk Groove 1980) 7:49 Sharod
11 Teen Machine Rap' (Land Of Hits 1980) 6:59 Teen Machine
12 Work Your Body' (Bronco 1981) 8:49 The Flame & The Dynamite Three
13 Poverty' (Rota 1981) 7:36 Master Rappers
14 Get Fly' (Express 1981) 6:38 TJ Swann & Company
15 Dancing Heart' (Golden Flamingo 1981) 7:51 Universal Two
16 A Game Of Life' (Heavenly Star 1982) 4:38 Lavaba & E. Mallison
17 The Pop' (Chocolate Star Records 1982) 6:39 MC Chocolate Star
18 School Days' (Drum Beat 1982) 6:56 Mr. JC
19 The Easton Assassin' (King 1982) 6:17 The Sunburst Band
20 Sexy Baby' (AVI 1983) 4:16 Dark Star
21 The Legend Of O'Mar' (Chrome 1983) 6:29 The Grand Master Lover
22 Shake'm On Up' (Pearl Harbor 1983) 6:00 Lambchops
23 Malcolm X No Sell Out' (Sugar Hill 1983) 6:15 Sugar Hill All-Stars
24 You Gotta Be All Right' (Double Duce Records 1984) 5:48 Double Duce
25 The Hall Of Just Us (Zuggie)' (Royal Shield 1984) 8:23 Just Us
26 Mix-O-Rap Groove (Soul Patrol Rap)' (Littlejohn 1984) 3:51 Mix-O-Rap
27 We Rock The House' (Romeo 1985) 4:37 The Beat Boys
28 Come On Party  People (Lets Ge Down)' (Enjoy 1985) 5:26 Crazy Eddie & Jazaq
29 Exterior Street' (Beggars Banquet 1985) 4:38 Death Comet Crew
30 Street Life' (45 version) (Party Crew 1985) 4:52 DW & The Party Crew featuring Willie & Steve
31 Commandments' (T. Port Song Factory 1985) 6:10 MCI
32 The Speed Of Light' (Sound Wave 1986) 5:44 Nu-Sound II Crew
33 Ultimate III Live!' (NV 1986) 5:19 Ultimate Three MCs
34 Chillin' (Blue Rose 1987) 3:33 BMW Old School Joints (Classic Rarities & 12"s)
35 Physical' (Break Down Academy 1987) 5:35 Break Down Academy
36 Eliminator' (Arvis 1987) 4:22 Raheem The Dream
37 Freestyle' (Hurricane 1988) 6:05 Catastrophe III
38 Task' (Mo Roc 1988) 3:26 Morocco Moe
39 Bustin' The Beat (Bustin' The Rhyme) (K2 1988) 4:13 The Vice
40 Royal Melody' (12" Remix) (Def Valley 1989) 5:22 Royal Melody


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Would definitely like to hear this but missed it. Anyway of getting a re-up?

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I will try to add a new link this weekend

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Would like to hear this but missed it , any chance you could re up? Thanks

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