Saturday, June 14, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

Track List
Sugar craft
Just like I pictured it
Start Stop
Whatever happened to Gus
Latin Shuffle
Everyday people
Coconut boogaloo
Church of Logic
No ke ano ahiahi

Will said...

looks interesting


Groovy Emmanuel said...

Great record! This is the first piece by this wonderful trio I ever bought, after i've heard them acting as the backing group in John Scofield's "A Go Go". And i never regret it. Good lookin up Doc!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up Doc...dopeness.

thecorrector said...

Love these guys. Thanks.
Scratch this off my post list.
Posted their greatest hits though.

E-mile said...

Good One! I have this on CD, great cover too :-)
Question for Doctor Okeh:
is it OK by you if I link your spot over at mine?
Recently discovered you and think you do totally ROCK! (most of the time, anyways :-)
please visit sometime and let me know if the link is OK..
peace, E-mile

Apani said...

Thank you Doc!

blueadam said...

can't thank you enough!

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, I love what you post!

Gianni said...

wow, what great sounds!
highly recommended lp.
very cool sounds!
thanks mr Doc.
this is a pure discovery for me.