Sunday, June 22, 2008

Highly Rec!...In Heavy Rotation....


Doctor Okeh said...

1. Intro
2. It's Us
3. Blast Your Radio
4. Brand New
5. Good Fun
6. Busted
7. Never Fallin'
8. Tears and Pain (Neverendingstreets)
9. Horn Song, The
10. Wise Is the Way
11. Even Though (I Still Love You)
12. Deepest Breath, The
13. Down For Nothin'
14. Man Who Sold the World Pt. II
15. After I'm Gone
super dope album!!!

B.D. said...

Yo Doc...I can't wait to hear this jawn!!! Much thanks for this post!!

nic said...

This is real dope Doc - thanks!!

Under Ground Shelter said...

Direct1122 -

Thanks Drok!!!! I don't have this one.


Apani said...

Can't wait to check this joint out! Thanks again!

I Gets Busy said...

Nice album here! Thanks!!!

Robert said...

I used to love Blast the Radio and never got the chance to listen to the whole album.
Thanks Doc!!

Krisch said...


Myles said...

finally get to catch up. thanks doc

geo said...

thx doc :)