Thursday, June 26, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

Edan - Beauty and The Beat-2005
1. Polite Meeting
2. Funky Voltron
3. I See Colours
4. Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme
5. Murder Mystery
6. Torture Chamber
7. Making Planets
8. Time Out (Segue)
9. Rock And Roll
10. Beauty
11. The Science Of The Two
12. Smile
13. Promised Land
Very Dope Record, ENJOY!!!

keviekev said...

Been really curious about this one. Thanks for giving us the chance to check it out.

DJ said...

already have this, but I'd like to tell others that edan is too slept on. definitely worth your time!

Harmonix said...

Just like dj said, I already got this, but this album is the ish and folks need to stop sleeping.

BoogieGoodness said...

Always meant to check out this recording. Thanks for sharing it!

Antonio said...

Thanks, I thought I already had this one, but I can't remember where it is.

good job, doc!

Robert said...

very dope record indeed:)
Edan is mad underrated...Thanks Doc!!

Josh said...

I too already have this album, but those who don't need to download it. It's like hip hop on LSD. Great stuff, indeed.

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

You all say it's worth the time? I trust your judgment so I'll definitely check it out. Thanx Doc!

Peace and blessings.

Snitch said...

I bought this album when I saw Edan live in Boston...i'll shit.

Check out his other releases because they represent what hip-hop should be.

Apani said...

Thanks Doc , can't wait to check this out!

Gianni said...

dope thank you!

louis said...

Thank you