Monday, June 9, 2008



Doctor Okeh said...

1 Crazy Chase
2 Hmmm
3 Good Vibes
4 Nagasaki Narcoleptic
5 Invisible Frenchman
6 Mello Yello
7 Blown Away
8 Gaye Pride
9 Space Cadet
10 Newborn
11 Blue Ilan
12 Mentos Party
13 NoNoNoNoNo
Bonus Tracks:
14 Tickle Time
15 Courtship Ritual
16 The One
17 Sacred Music
spare yourself the injustice of not having this in your collection,,,
and grab this now!

Will said...


great looking out

thank you

Anonymous said...

thanks everything you up is heat...respect.

Apani said...

Will give this a listen. Thanks DOC!

Brandon said...

I've actually had more than a few dollars to take to the crates, so I haven't been keeping up on many of the blogs lately. Except for yours of course. Always coming with that goodness, man. Keep up the good work.

crateman302 said...

Wow this is some heat right here! thank u

Kevin said...

Yet another rekkid that I'm not familiar with. I am dumbfounded as to the level of amazing stuff you post on here day after day. Best to you my friend for keepin it real.

Peace, Kevin

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, I love what you post!

Gianni said...

thank you!

AzTeK said...

the link is down!!!

Smooth Jay said...

hi doc!
the link i sdown, i tryed to find info about it on the web but i found nothing..
can u re up please??

and thanks for all your work, you spread a really good vibe on the web