Friday, July 11, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

Parlet - Invasion of the Booty Snatchers
Label: Casablanca Records
Catalog#: NBLP 7146
Released: 1979
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: P.Funk, Disco
Credits: Bass - Jeff Cherokee Bunn , Jimmie Ali
Bass, Vocals - Donnie Sterling
Drums - Frank Waddy , Gary Mudbone Cooper , Kenny Colton
Guitar - Catfish Collins , Garry Shider , Glen Goins , Jerome Ali , Kevin D. Oliver , Michael Hampton , Tim Moore
Guitar, Bass, Drums - Bootsy Collins
Guitar, Vocals - Gordon Carlton
Horns - Bennie Cowan , Greg Boyer , Greg Thomas (2)
Keyboards - Bernie Worrell , Ernestro Wilson , Joel Johnson , Manon Saulsby
Percussion - Carl "Butch" Small , Larry Fratangelo
Producer - George Clinton , Ron Dunbar
Vocals - Cheryl James , Janice Carlton , Mallia Franklin , Ray Davis , Robert "P-Nut" Johnson , Ron Ford

A1 Ridin' High (7:40)
A2 No Rump To Bump (6:10)
A3 Don't Ever Stop (Lovin' Me, Needin' Me) (7:13)
B1 Booty Snatchers (5:50)
B2 You're Leaving (6:26)
B3 Huff-N-Puff (7:17)

Messiah of Soul Power Music Group said...

the cover alone has me ready to check this jawn out....thanks Doc


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Hell ya!! My favorite Parlet album. Thanks for this treat.

PS: Doc, are u sure the Taj song is called economical prison? I've been looking through my stuff trying to find it with no luck. If you know what album it's on I can probably help you out.


Doctor Okeh said...

they played the song in the movie "Zebrahead" however it did not appear on the OST , but in the credits , I'm almost 100% positive it said Economical Prison, you know how you get something in your head that you don't forget, I've been searching since 1992 or so, (I think that's when that movie came out), thx for trying for real tho bro, shitz been up for 2 weeks , nobody says a word????

Anonymous said...

Nice, thanx Doc!
"You're Leaving" is one of the favorites when I'm ripped.

LekkS said...

Thanks! also, the cover's too attractive. And I never disappointed yet with the ups here.

Under Ground Shelter said...


Rick -

Thanks Drok!!!! I appreciate it.

k02 said...

Thanks Doc for continiously providing us with that heat.


Glory B...Bubba. It's funky in here!

CBloom said...

good shit Doc. been a minute since I rolled through, glad to see you still doing your thing.

crateman302 said...

Keep digging, my man soon you will reach china! good looks

Funkback said...

Pass the P like it used ta B! I'm plannin' 4 a P-Funk section over at Blaxploitation Jive now that SelfScience's been good enough to make me a partner in crime. Would You mind terribly if Your rip was included over there? I mean George, Bootsy & Bernie are all Legends to me and even if they didn't come close to score even one single Blaxploition Movie they sure as hell inspired the cats that did.

Doctor Okeh said...

go for it Funkback , np , enjoy!
i got some more p-funk selections i'll prolly do in the near future.

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, I love what you post!

Apani said...

Great cover! Thank you Doc!

Tre said...


Luke63 said...

being a p-funk freak myself, I will definitely enjoy this gem...
thanks doc! you rule!

robbs said...

I've always wanted an album buy the Parlets. Thanks to you Doc, I have one!!!! Thanks for sharing some P-Funk!

mretx2 said...

love this record! it warped and have been trying to find it forever. "Your leaving! Da shit!!!