Sunday, July 13, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

Whodini Back In Black

1. Funky Beat
2. One Love
3. Growing Up
4. I'm a Ho
5. How Dare You - (bonus track)
6. Fugitive
7. Echo Scratch
8. Last Night (I Had a Long Talk With Myself)
9. Good Part, The
10. Whodini Mega Mix

truelivin said...

Doc, whats good! Sleep is the word for the day. When a great album like this is featured, heads should be comin out the wood works declaring it a classic . A great follow up album to Escape, Whodini seems to miss out when people bring up great groups. Maybe because they wernt pioneers, and while they were a big group in the hip hop community ,hip hop wasnt commercially big at the time. Defintly their loss! So, since nobody is up, I suggest checking it out.
Thanks Doc, for putting this one up; I've got it on LP, tape, CD, ect, but since its featured. I'll have to throw it on the tables and take a trip down memory lane.
Thank you very much....

DJ said...

doc and truelivin are money on this one. classic material for you 80's babies to catch up on. this group gets looked over when greatest hip hop groups are discussed but this might be your favorite groups favorite group. MAJOR!

Ernest said...


Antonio said...

I have the original vinyl...
and now the mp3 version!

Thanks, Okeh!

Olskool4real said...

This album has a lot of memories to it I was in Boot Camp that summer and my brother wrote me and let me know that Run DmC and Whodini was out with some new sh** so when I got to the PX I bought both I even bought Grandmaster Flash's The Source!! But back to Whodini I played it the most for One Love I just loved the way it came in that album was blazing that year this group should get more recognition that they do hardcore hip hop fanatics are led to believe they didn't have that street appeal soooooo!! I love hip hop and especially hardcore but these cats was nice 4 real I liked them. Thanks for the post

Apani said...

Thank for this. It does bring back great memories!