Monday, July 21, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

Puzzle - Puzzle
ABC Records
01 Hey Medusa
02 Make The Children Happy
03 Working For The Rich Man
04 No Complaints
05 Got My Head Right Yesterday pt1
06 Babe
07 Piggy Back Ride
08 Golden Butterfly-Got My Head Right Yesterday pt2
(unless you're after this, I don't really recommend it, the only track I dug was "Working For The Rich Man" , the rest of the album was average.)

soulsizzle said...

Agreed. "Working For The Rich Man" is about all this album's got goin for it. Though it is a nice track.

crateman302 said...

Single shot, thanks for the up!

Arkane1 said...

Gonna atleast peep the one track you guys are talking about. Thanks for the share Doc. Peace

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, I love what you post!

Apani said...

Thanks Doc!