Friday, July 4, 2008

The Tommy Boy Releases...

1. Intro
2. Encore
3. Evil That Men Do
4. Table Dance (Skit)
5. Gorillapimpin'
6. 1996
7. Killaz In The Park
8. 100 Spokes
9. Clinic 2000
10. My World
11. Endonesia
12. Shout 2 The True
13. Playaz & Gangstaz
14. City Of Angels
15. Apocalypse Now



1 Intro "Floetry" (2:43)

2 X.O. Wit Me (4:39) Featuring - Jayo Felony

3 Set Trippin' (4:02)

4 Promise Me (4:39)

5 Be About Yo Bizniz (3:17) Featuring - Ha-Ha L.O.C.

6 Clinic Niggaz (2:46) Featuring - Young Ten

7 Soliciting (3:57)

8 Deep Az The Root (5:39)

9 The Streets (4:19)

10 Sumner Days (4:31)

11 L.A. Vibe (2:35)

12 Worldwide (3:49)

13 Karma (3:53)

14 Soul Searching (4:44) Featuring - Yukmouth

15 Adventures Of... (4:18)

16 In God We Trust (4:41) Featuring - Big Rock


Doctor Okeh said...

Time Will Reveal



B.D. said...

Yo Doc!! Big ATL fan here so thanks for giving the boys some this period I hate Tommy Boys Rap department though.....Doc, any chance you have any of Above the Law's Death Row material????? Thanks!

Doctor Okeh said...

naw I don't think they ever actually dropped an album w/ Death Row , they did do a track that was on a comp called 'Too Gangsta For The Radio" that was on Death Row, but as far as an official album , I don't know of it???
I do have all of the West World Stuff though...

LekkS said...

won't grab it, already have it. but need to drop a word, cuz this thing is one of my favorite....WORD!!!

beatjunkie299 said...

Doc, good lookin' out on the gems right here. ATL is one of thosde crews that repped the west with sick beatz and lyrics....

Finchhatten said...

thx, doc!!

Rade M said...

thx from another real ATL fan since day one!

Apani said...

Thanks for this Doc!