Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Bhundu Boys


Doctor Okeh said...

Bhundu Boys, The - Pamberi!
Label: WEA Music K.K.
Catalog#: WMC5-63
Released: 1989
Genre: Folk, World, & Country

1 Chitaunhike (4:33)
2 Bye Bye Stembi (3:50)
3 Kutambura (4:25)
4 Chitima Kwe (4:11)
5 Chimbira (4:13)
6 Viva Chinhoyi (5:09)
7 Tendai Mwari (3:43)
8 Ndipeiwo Zano (3:35)
9 Hupenyu (3:34)
10 Magumede (3:59)
fresh vinyl rip, enjoy!!!

kenzo said...


purple_Crayons said...

album's pretty good, but the first track is FIRRE! thanks again, doc

Nickels said...

sweet, always nice with some african tunes

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, I love what you post!

Styles said...

Thanks Doc. Can't wait to check this baby out.

Apani said...

Thanks again Doc!

rolandprincefan said...

Thx. Great live band. Saw them in 86. Was so sad when Bigie Tembo committed suicide. RIP Biggie.