Sunday, September 14, 2008

Various Artists - Rare Soul Harmony Of The 60's (CD 1998)
Track Listing
1. I Need Your Love - Chandlers
2. No No No - Appreciations
3. On A Little Island - Enchanters
4. Call On Me - Four Reputations
5. Today I Kised My New Love - Arabians
6. I Want You To Be My Baby - De-Lites
7. Love - Ascots
8. Did I Make A Mistake - Revlons
9. Easy To Be True - People's Choice
10. Baby Baby (I Know You're A Lady) - Premonitions
11. So Lonely - Perfections
12. You Are - Executive Four
13. You Should Have Told Me - New Yorkers
14. Boy Next Door Frankie - Karl & The Chevrons
15. You Don't Love Me Anymore - Limelights
16. I'll Hold On - Four Perfections
17. Forever - Seminoles
18. Good Night - Celebrities
19. Go On - United Four
20. Why Do I Do These Foolish Things - United Four
21. I Need Your Love - Reflections
22. How Was Your Weekend - Mac, Bobby
23. Steal Away - Flint Emeralds
24. You've Been Gone So Long - Tomangoes


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