Monday, October 20, 2008

R.I.P. Rudolph

1.Dolemite - Ben Taylor
2.Queen, The
3.Do You Still Care - Ben Taylor
4.Rumble, The
5.Mayor's Get-Away
6.Power of Your Love - Mary Love
7.Willie Green
8.When We Start Making Love - Mary Love
9.Hitman, The
10.Ghetto Expressions
11.Time Is on Our Side - Revelation Funk
13.Jive Jungle, The
15. Dolemite - Ben Taylor/Rudy Ray Moore (bonus track)
16. Flatland - (bonus track)
17. Human Tornado - (bonus track)
18. Miss Wonderful - (bonus track)
19. Dolemite Radio Spot Version 1 - (bonus track)
20. Dolemite Radio Spot Version 2 - (bonus track)
21. Human Tornado Radio Spot - (bonus track)
22. untitled
Though Rudy Ray Moore was better known as an X-rated comedian than as a crime-busting cinematic hero, the mid-1970s blaxploitation movies starring his standup character Dolemite are genre classics. The accompanying soundtrack album is packed with vintage '70s R&B instrumentals like "The Rumble" and "Ghetto Expressions" as well as SHAFT-style paeans of praise for Dolemite's physical and sexual prowess ("Power of Your Love," "When We Start Making Love"). There's also the added bonus of Moore's original radio promo spots, featuring excerpts from his vintage "Dolemite" stage toasts. "Unhindered by foggy sound quality, this first-time CD issue of the soundtrack is both predictably fun and surprisingly fine."


Doctor Okeh said...

for those of you who may have been under a rock your whole life (or born in the 90's )
get yourself in touch with your inner Dolemite with this well rounded release, I'm sure more Rudy can be readily found on the net as well as this, however this is my offering
Rest In Peace Rudy Ray Moore
you will be missed...
pw = LUCY

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Saw Rudy here in Portland in the late nineties. It was pretty cool seeing Dolomite in the flesh. The best part of the night happened when I stepped outside the venue to puff and saw this cat getting out of a white limo and promptly taking a piss on the curb. Sure enough, it was RRM. A grand entrance, to say the least.

R.I.P........... Rudy

you will not be forgotten.

One said...

I'm A young kid so i never heard of him.Thanx to you i can hear a peace of his work.

Martin said...

This is dope! Thanx!

Craig said...

R.I.P - You no-business, born-insecure, rat-soup eatin, jock-jawed motha-FUCKA!


christopher said...

& again!

Paul Kersey said...

RIP we lost a legendary figure...good lookin out Doc...respect

skinny said...

Good Look DOC.... I am getting my hamburger mimp on! Death seems to make people appreciate a person a whole lot more.

HG74 said...

Thanks Doc for your tribute to remember 'Dolemite' RIP

Gianni said...

thank you mr Doc.
respect and loving memory for R.

Nickels said...

epic movie
thanks for the OST :)

J.R. said...


Travis said...

Thanks man, need to brush up on my Dolemite history...


Apani said...

Thank you DOC brings back good memories

Boo_2b said...

Thanks man!

pinkpob said...


g_lyles said...

I was a kid during the blaxploitation era and was TOTALLY embarassed by the genre and how whites thought that was how all of us acted, so I know nothing about RRM & Dolemite except the names. Gonna check this out.

Bigmyke said...