Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Michael Henderson collection

1. Playing On The Real Thing
2. Everybody Wants To Know Why
3. To Be Loved
4. Do It All
5. In The Summertime
6. Wait Until The Rain
7. Riding
1. Take Me I'm Yours
2. We Can Go On
3. Happy
4. In The Night-Time
5. Whisper In My Ear
6. Am I Special
7. Yours Truly, Indiscreetly
8. One To One
1. Whip It
2. Goin' Places
3. Let Me Love You
4. I Can't Help It
5. I'll Be Understanding
6. At The Concert
7. Won't You Be Mine
01 Make Me Feel Better
02 Time
03 Let Love Enter
04 Treat Me Like A Man
05 Solid
06 Be My Girl
07 You Haven't Made It To The Top
08 Valentine Love
09 Stay With Me This Summer


Doctor Okeh said...

1979 Do It All

1978 In The Night Time

1977 Goin Places

1976 Solid


Simon666 said...

Whoah Hendersonfestival ;)
Couple I didn't have here Doc, thanks!

GHoSTFiNGeR said...

cool :-) Do it all complete my collection :-) thanx

h said...

Too Funky to be true !! Thanks a lot !

David said...

this post goes Boo-YAAAAAH!
thank you Doc

hooch said...

Many thanks Doc - greatly appreciated man!

christopher said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Roger1 said...

thanks doc

curbfeelers said...

im amped to hear this thanks again!

malkire said...

Good lookin' out patna!!!

nikos1109 said...

Brother, thanks for the amazing and hard work you put on this blog.
Great Henderson's albums.

Ford MF said...

Shit yeah.

FuNkaDeLiC said...

Well well well what a pleasant surprise we have here...didnt have one of these joints. Good post doc, keep doin it big

92bpms said...

BIg ups Doc! Solid indeed.

k02 said...

Thanks Doc.

Jazzsoulman said...

Thank you Doc. Love the Henderson joint. Really brightened my day!!!

iplayjazz said...

What's the unlock code for the Michael Henderson download, please?

iplayjazz said...

Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks for the music.

bowlisha1 said...

Hey Doc,
This Michael Henderson discog is outta sight!
Thanks so very much!

coKoKaNe*inquire-inspire-go higher* said...

appreciate that.. i was listening to Phyllis Hyman the other day and his name popped up..

Krisch said...

Had been lookin for Goin Places.

Thanks Doc!

Chris T said...

Thanks Doc, really appreciate your effort

Phil said...

thank you Doc, I appreciate what you do

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FemaleProducerDuh! said...

Thanks for the Great Post.

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Makemdef said...


Apani said...

Thank you for the Soulful Heat Doc!

Anonymous said...

WOW ... BRAVO ... Thank you.

Messiah of Soul Power Music Group said...

Once again thank you good brother! My mom used to blast these albums when i was coming up!


freethewearsideone said...

Thanx Bro Wot it is gud man

Walter Clark said...

Have you seen the one where he's wearing a speedo and his pubes are all out. Silly dude

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catacaldos said...

A collection of gems,thank you