Friday, November 7, 2008

Dennis Brown

Disc: 1
1. Lips of Wine
2. He Can't Spell
3. Silhouettes - Dennis Brown, Slay
4. Baby Don't Do It
5. Things in Life
6. Concentration
7. Musical Heatwave
8. What About the Half
9. Black Magic Woman - Dennis Brown, Green
10. Money in My Pocket
11. Stages in Life
12. Westbound Train
13. Cassandra
14. I Am the Conqueror
15. No More Will I Roam
16. Why Seek More (Give a Helping Hand)
17. This Tribulation
18. Take a Trip
19. Wolves and Leopards
20. Whip Them Jah Jah
21. Here I Come Again (AKA Have No Fear)
22. Here I Come
23. Funny Feelings
24. Blood Sun
25. Tenement Yard
26. Ain't That Loving You - Dennis Brown, Banks
Disc: 2
1. Equal Rights - Dennis Brown, Sibbles
2. Money in My Pocket
3. Man Next Door - Dennis Brown, Holt
4. Sitting and Watching
5. Have You Ever
6. Love Has Found Its Way
7. Halfway Up, Halfway Down - Dennis Brown, Thompson, Linda E
8. The Prophet Rides Again
9. Hold on to What You've Got
10. Rocking Time
11. Promised Land
12. Revolution
13. History
14. This Exit
15. Wildfire
16. Revolution, Pt. 2
17. Hold Tight - Dennis Brown, Campbell
18. Death Before Dishonour
19. Wisdom - Dennis Brown, Gibbs


Doctor Okeh said...


disc 2


anyathar said...

thanks a lot for this dennis brown, doc - loads of nice posts lately!

Nickels said...

Fine collection, Trojan is known for quality

LekkS said...

Thank you, Dr! It's so glad to be back where I belong))

AliBoingo said...

'Man Next Door' - nice!


les18e said...

Dennis is the greatest. Nice reggae drops Doc; Thank you.

purple_Crayons said...

yo, d. brown is a legend. thanks for this nice collection! peaace 2 you & yours.

Apani said...

Thank you Doc

Alex said...

A friend has been telling me and telling me to listen to Dennis Brown for months now, and now I'm doing it. Thank you, Doctor Okeh!

Conrad said...

love and blessings trooper

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aSeptik said...

thank's man, please don't stop ;-)