Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boz Scaggs - Down Two Then Left
01 Still Falling For You
02 Hard Times
03 A Clue
04 Whatcha Gonna Tell Your Man
05 We're Waiting
06 Hollywood
07 Then She Walked Away
08 Gimmie The Goods
09 1993
10 Tomorrow Never Came


Doctor Okeh said...

very cool record , just ripped it, don't miss out on this one fa sho'


Roger1 said...

thanks doc, im a fan

Matt said...

I love this guy! Thank you! (My copy is only ripped @128)

If I have anything of his you need, please email me.

Covers, Notes, Links, & Bios
Boz Scaggs Albums:
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Down Two Then Left (1977) @128
Fade Into Light (1996) @320
Greatest Hits Live [CD1] @172 (vbr)
Greatest Hits Live [CD2] @172 (vbr)
Hits! (1980) @320
Middle Man 1980 @128
Moments (1971) @192
My Time- A Boz Scaggs Anthology (1969-1997) [CD1] (1997) @320
My Time- A Boz Scaggs Anthology (1969-1997) [CD2] (1997) @320
Other Roads (1988) @256
Silk Degrees @320
Some Change (1994) @320

Drew said...

Very nice...gonna bump this

BillyMac said...

Thanks for the blue-eyed soul!

christopher said...

Thank you!

flageolette said...

Thanks a million!


h said...

Looks great ! Thanks a lot !

k02 said...

Great work!!!

curbfeelers said...


Ford MF said...

I wonder if he's any relation to Baz Luhrman.

Kyle said...

Nasty Stuff. Best hookin-up album ever?

josé neves said...

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purple_Crayons said...

curious about this one. boz tends to keep it real funky, so i'm looking forward to this one.


Chris T said...

Thanks again Doc.

alex said...

another superb drop doc-BIG THANKS MAN!

tswift98 said...

Been looking for this LP FOREVER!! Thank you!!

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Nice, ole Boz can be pretty dope. Looking forward to this, thanks!

Makemdef said...


Apani said...

Good Doctor appreciate the musical medicine! Will def. check this one out!

pinkpob said...