Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VA - Cold Heat - Heavy Funk Rarities vol.1 (1968-1974)
1. Thing, The - Carleen & The Groovers
2. Free Your Mind - Amnesty
3. Stretch, The - The Detroit Sex Machines (edit)
4. Loaded to the Gills - Michael Liggins & The Loveliters
5. Go For Your Self - Kenny Smith/The Loveliters
6. Slipping Into Darkness - Dayton Sidewinders
7. James Brown Medley: I Made A Mistake / Lowdown Popcorn - The Apollo Commanders
8. Cold Heat - Lil' Lavair And The Fabulous Jades
9. Cissy's Thang, The - The Soul Seven
10. Color - L.A. Carnival (original 7" version)
11. Don't Go - The Aristocrats
12. Drugs Ain't Cool - Ebony Rhythm Band
13. Mr. Chicken - The Soul Seven (alternate take)
14. Street Scene - Leon Mitchison
15. Scorpio - Kashmere Stage Band
16. Sad Chicken, The - Leroy & The Drivers


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