Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tim Smooth - Straight Up Drivin' Em
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records, Priority Records
Format: CD Country: US Released: 26 Apr 1994 Genre: Hip Hop Style: Gangsta Credits:
1 Comin' Real Witit (5:49)
2 Used Car (5:49)
3 Got Me Fucked Up (4:53)
4 Why They Sell Dope (5:02)
5 There You Go (4:07)
6 Fareal Macdaddy (3:03)
7 I Don't Give A Damn About Your Boyfriend (4:40)
8 I Remember (4:01)
9 Like Dat (5:44) Rap [Featuring] - Bust , Playache'
10 Pazdaswisha (4:27)
11 Sleeping With The Emeny (4:37) Rap [Featuring] - MC Thick


Doctor Okeh said...

(and don't sleep this kid is a dope MC...)

nic said...

Don't remember this, but I'm excited...THANKS!!

Nickels said...

cool, rap-a-lot is a sign of quality. thanks

flageolette said...

Def Post,Doc!

Highly appreciated over here!


flageolette said...


Top Recommended!

Greetz greatly,


Snitch said...

Word. Thanks

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

I definitely slept on this back in 94. Thanks for reintroduction.

Apani said...

Thanks Doc!

Walter Clark said...

Dude you really impress me. Not just because you have ill records of old, but it's the rap gems that you have. Most people get snobby when it comes to rap, especially the diggers. I pump this tape in my 93 Acura all the fucking time.