Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kid Sensation - Rollin' With Number One
1 Seatown Ballers (4:17)
2 Hype It Up (4:24)
3 Skin To Skin (3:25) Producer, Vocals - J. Tyler Stone*
4 Maxin' With E.C.P. (2:43)
5 I S.P.I.T. (Remix)
6 Prisoner Of Ignorance (4:26)
7 Flowin' (5:13)
8 Legal (4:50)
9 Two Minutes (2:07)
10 Back To Boom (4:37)
11 Emergency (4:13)
12 Partners In Rhyme Vocals - Sir Mix-A-Lot


Doctor Okeh said...


Nickels said...

Thanks doc. Love the hiphop posts, always fresh no matter the age.

CBet said...

Thanks Doc. I haven't been around in awhile but you always have some gems I haven't heard.

Your work is much appreciated bro.

Hope the new year is treating you right.


skinny said...

Kid Sensation dropped a twenty and didn't even miss it skeezer from another crew she picked it up and kissed it... Sir-Mix-Alot - My Posse's on Broadway

The masses might like "Baby Got Back" but my favorite has always been "My Posse's on Broadway" that beat was crazy back then...

Doc you stay posting obscure joints. I never knew anyone from Sir Mix Alots crew put anything out.

BHM said...

Yo Doc...I always liked Kid Sensation so much thanks for this one!

Apani said...

Thank you Doc!