Sunday, January 4, 2009

Laura Lee - That's How It Is
01 Meet Love Halfway
02 I Don't Need You Around
03 Stop Giving Your Man Away
04 You Need Me
05 Are You Doing Me Wrong
06 Need To Belong
07 Dirty Man
08 As Long As I Got You
09 That's How It Is
10 She Will Break Your Heart
11 It's All Wrong But It Is All Right
12 It's how You Make It Good
13 A Man With Some Backbone
14 Love More Than Pride
15 Wanted Lover, No Experience Necessary
16 Hang It Up
17 It's Mighty Hard
18 It Ain't What You Do (But How You Do It)
19 Up Tight, Good Man
20 Mama's Got A Good Thing
21 Sure As Sin
22 Another Man's Woman


Doctor Okeh said...

mo goodies...


jaguar said...

Great album from a great singer.

Many thanks Doc.

Happy New Year.

luis said...

great stuff today. thanks thanks thanks.

ChadYeezy said...

Thanks doc

djandpete said...

brilliant thanks

Chris T said...

Thanks for a real great album.

FuNkAdeLiC said...

Gotta check this one out too...many thanx man


Sweet!! Thanks Doc.

Slidewell said...

This soul just as I like it! No slick strings, just some tight, funky grooves and Laura belting it out on top. A shame she's not better known. Thanks for this one!

k02 said...

Interested to hear this. Thanks Doc

curbfeelers said...


Antonio said...

thanks, as usual!

Tha said...

Good shyt once again. Props!

DJ said...

NICE... thanks

Walter Clark said...

I have this joint on tape

Bojan Marinovik said...

thats how it was and thats how it is

scottdavida said...

Sings with her soul, thanks.