Sunday, January 18, 2009

Various - Once Upon A Time In Wigan Vol II
01 The Jades - I'm Where it's At
02 - Doni Burdick - The Bari Track (instumental)
03 - Betty Boo - Say it Isn't so
04 - VelvetSatins - Nothing can compare to you
05 - Stanly Mitchell - Get it Baby
06 - The Sweets - Satisfy Me Baby
07 - Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie-Hanky
08 - Detroit Soul - All of My Life
09 - Montclairs -Hung up on Your Love
10 - Keanya Collins - Love Bandit
11 - Detroit Executives - Cool Off
12 - Larry Clinton - She's Wanted
13 - Tony Hestor - Down In The Dumps
14 - Benny Curtis - Dirty Hearts
15 - Sam Ward - Sister Lee
16 - The Tomangoes - I Really Love You
17 - The Ellingtons -(I'm Not) Destined to Become A Lose
18 - The Dynamics - Yes I Love You Baby
19 - Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie - Rosemary What Happened
20 - Cecil Wasington - I Don't Like To Lose


Doctor Okeh said...



no pass req.
Some real great groovers here, don't miss out, sorry this is the only Vol that I have, ENJOY!!!

IR e L a IXI said...

just stopping by to say thanks!!

FASTMAN said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH..............

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Craig said...


daniel said...

proper stompers! thanks mate!

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alex said...

this takes me back to those great days at the casino doc!
had all these on 45 at one time.
man,what a scene this was!!!
you guys in the states have no idea how cool this was in its day!

invisiblenigma said...

Much Thanks Doc! This Looks Nice.

Heatrox Productionz said...

Good lookin' out!

Thanks Doc.

jaguar said...

Great CD from a classic era.

Many thanks.

freethewearsideone said...

thank u once again Doc

Paul Kersey said...

Good lookin Doc...havent been on here in a minute but good to see you still the man...respect.

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good lookin out

Apani said...

Thanks Doc! Can't wait to check out!

sodisfunk said...

hi doc,many many Thanks from france,have a really good time