Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leroy Hutson - Hutson
A1 All Because Of You (7:03)
A2 I Bless The Day (4:45)
A3 It's Different (4:42)
B1 Cool Out (3:00)
B2 Lucky Fellow (5:02)
B3 Can't Stay Away (6:33)
B4 So Much Love (3:19)


Doctor Okeh said...


Robert said...

another dope cover!!
Thanks Doc!!

FreeAgentz Music said...

thank you

k02 said...

Appreciate it Doc

flux_is_krux said...

I already had this. "so much love" = lovely tune. thanks for spreading the music of the great soul maestro Leroy Hutson. He deserves more credit! Peacceeee

Raggedy said...

What a brilliant singer!
Thanks for sharing!

Christel ou David said...

Yaaayy ! 2 of 3 that was missing to me.
I wonder which one will be my favourite. Anyway, I know you always come both with the quality & the quantity. thanks thanks thanks !

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

thank you mr. Doc!

Mikey said...


pinkpob said...

Many thanks

Bigmyke said...

THANKS Big Homie, Hutson is tha man

benjamin said...

Many many thanks for this one!