Friday, March 20, 2009

Various Artists / Funk Fu Fight 1Label : Big cheese recordsYear : 2000
1. Lords Of Percussion, The - The Kung-Fu
2. Moon People, The - Hippy, Skippy Moon Street
3. Frazier, Ceaser -- Mighty Mouse
4. Tribe -- Baby Feet
5. Boobie Knight And The Universal Ladies -- Ain´t Nobody Better Than You
6. Funkhouse Express - Music Makes You Move
7. Franklin, Marie -- Bad Bad Woman
8. Henderson, Willie -- Dance Master
9. Sass - Do It
10. Ellis, Larry And The Black Hammer -- Funky Thing II
11. Watts, The 103rd St Rhythm Band -- Charley
12. Mystic Moods, The - Honey Trippin
13. Bonus For The Respect - Superfly Meets Shaft


Doctor Okeh said...


Jerm said...

Thanks! The cover's a lil strange but the 'psycho-funk meets rare groove'is intriguing

jahcisco said...

Thank you.

markus said...

Awesome, thanks!

apostropher said...

Thanks again.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

hot tracks in it!
thank you mr Doc

Lukeskywalker said...

Thanks Doc!

Robert said...

thanks for this discovery Doc!!

Pete Gloria said...

I'm going to add 'love of Psycho-Funk and Rare Groove to my CV from now on...

Sione said...

New to this Blog, but blown away by the stuff you got here. You are the Doctor.
Thanks man, from way down under in NZ

Will said...


Stefano said...
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Stefano said...

hi @ all,
please, repost a new link.
many tks in advance