Sunday, April 12, 2009

David Oliver_Here's To You 1980
01 Love TKO
02 She's A Lady
03 Easier Being Friends
04 My Lady
05 Behind Closed Doors
06 It Was Fun While It Lasted
07 Youve Got My Love With You
(Lynns Song)
08 The Maquerade Is Over


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truelivin said...

Doc,love the the selection,like always. Thanks for taking the time. You got a lot on your plate right now. So, for my life advice to you.... MAINTAIN

Bigmyke said...

Sweet Lord how many people did "The Masquerade is Over" Let me check this one out

Martin said...

thanks doc

Raphy said...

Thanks for this gem!!!

Big Up!@!

Adam said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the posts.

Adam said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the posts.

Damian said...

Thanks alot

dkind said...

your blog fuckin rocks thanks