Sunday, April 12, 2009

still on the 80's tip here's my second pick of the day taken from Roy Ayers - You Might Be Suprised (1985) (I do have on vinyl, and can rip in full in the near future)
Programmed For Love listen no pw


soulsizzle said...

one of the first albums i bought. def not his best, but still can't go wrong with ray.

Simon666 said...

NICE track btw, thanks! ... have mainly bypassed 80s Ayers but recently getting into it ... love to hear a good rip of this album ..

Christel & David said...

Yeaaahh !! I love Roy Ayers !
70's, 80‘s, 90's, whatever, his work is always excellent to me. definitively one of my top 5.
extra thanks for this post !

Robert said...

wassup Doc!!

I haven't been here in a minute,but thanks for this!!
I was actually looking for some 80's Roy Ayers,so it's greatly appreciated!!

SYANIDE said...


troods said...

Always exciting to see anything new to me by Roy Ayers. Thanks so much for your generosity.