Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mood - Doom
Label: Blunt Recordings Format: CD, Album Country: US Released: 1997
Genre: Hip Hop Style:
Credits: Mastered By - Duncan Stanbury Producer - Hi-Tek (tracks: 2 to 4, 6, 11, 15 to 18) , Jahson (tracks: 1, 5, 7 to 10, 12 to 14)
Notes: The CD version contains 6 tracks more than the LP version.
1 Esoteric Manuscripts (4:03)
2 Info For The Streets (3:50)
3 He Is DJ Hi-Tek (0:40)
4 Karma (3:18)
5 The Vision (4:56)
6 Tunnel Bound (4:38)
7 Nuclear Hip-Hop (4:18) Rap [Featuring] - Talib Kweli
8 Another Day (3:11)
9 Sacred - Pt. 1 (4:48) Rap [Featuring] - Talib Kweli
10 Peddlers Of Doom (4:59) Rap [Featuring] - Talib Kweli
11 Millennium (3:44)
12 Babylon The Great (0:28)
13 Peace Infinity (3:50) Rap [Featuring] - Talib Kweli
14 Secrets Of The Sand (3:21) Vocals [Featuring] - Dirty Irby
15 Illuminated Sunlight (5:02) Rap [Featuring] - Sunz Of Man
16 Industry Lies (2:41) Rap [Featuring] - Talib Kweli
17 No Ordinary Brother (0:32)
18 Cincinnati (3:45) Rap [Featuring] - Holmskillet


Doctor Okeh said...



Antonio said...

I am not going to dowload it because I have it already. Thanks anyway, it's a good album. You gotta love the early Hi-Tek productions...

Nickels said...

Nice comeback. Secrets of the Sands is one hot track!

BHM said...

Great pick, thanks Doc!

soulsizzle said...

Ayo, this is a straight classic. I remember seeing them preform in Cincinnati around the time this first dropped. Early Hi-Tek productions with some appearances by nobody else but the man himself, Talib Kweli. Still got my original CD, but I'm sure everybody else will definitely appreciate this. Stay up!

invisiblenigma said...

Got This One already. Classic LP!!

signals3_t5 said...

Keep up the great work and keep on blogging.

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Michael said...

I have been looking for this for years. This is an Ohio classic!

Lou said...

Didn't DL it (Got it already), but had to comment... Dope!