Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Various - The Smoocher - 12 Finely Matured Soul Tracks
Label: Big Cheese Records
1 Kellee Patterson I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More (4:56)
2 Willie Hutch I Can Sho' Give You Love (5:08)
3 Greg Perry Come On Down (3:32)
4 Al Johnson I've Got My Second Wind (4:54)
5 Notations* Take It Slow (4:08)
6 Father's Children Hollywood Dreaming (4:33)
7 Carolyn Franklin Sunshine Holiday (2:05)
8 Bobby Patterson I Get My Groove From You (3:27)
9 Betty Wright Value Your Love (2:54)
10 Solomon Burke Over And Over (Hugging And Loving) (4:30)
11 Shuggie Otis Inspiration, Information (4:07)
12 Donny Hathaway Lord Help Me (3:58)
Various - The Smoocher is Back - 12 Class X Soul Tracks
Label: Big Cheese Records
1 Gloria Scott Every Time You're Near Me
2 Sass I Only Wanted To Love You
3 Mystique Fill You Up
4 Ace Spectrum Pick Up
5 Isley Brothers, The My Love Is Your Love (Forever)
6 Checkmates LTD., The Got To See You Soon
7 Margie Joseph Let's Stay Together
8 Valentine Brothers, The This Kind Of Love
9 Vitamin E Sharing 10 Erma Franklin Open Up Your Soul
11 Sandpeebles, The I Just Didn't Hear Me The First Time
12 Norman Connors Sing A Love Song


Doctor Okeh said...

The Smoocher

...Is Back


Simon666 said...

Got these ones, and they're very cool, great post doc :)

81soundz said...

thanks Doc!!

truelivin said...

Gems!On top of your game!

Antonio said...


verge said...

Niiiice! Thanks for these.

Nickels said...

Thanks doc, nice comps.

flageolette said...


Thank you Doc,


Anonymous said...


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waree said...

Merci, on en parlait de Big Cheese sur un forum justement, je les avait cru mort mais ils sont encore en activité.
Ce week end j'ai acheter Après la pluie de Schkoonk...

Très bon blog !

www.djmarquis.com said...

can you send me the password. thanks

verge said...

@djmarquis- Look to the right of the page. ;)

Ricardo said...

Yeah, whatever sexy said!
Thanks for these great comps Doc. Really appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


nice comps. thank doc
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Sean said...

Great Blog, Enjoying the music.

Lucky Shot said...

looks very smooth. How can I resist a cover like this.

harry said...

both classics. now for the meltdown. have these on vinyl somewhere from about 10 yrs ago in the heyday of funk n soul bootleg vinyl. luvvly. thanks man!

ian said...

I love these records! Thankyou !

brandon said...

Thank you. Already had the Smoocher (which I rate highly), so looking forward to the follow up.

Peja said...

Haven't seen these in years..many thanks. BTW-Great blog, incredible variety and depth.