Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Various Artists - Original Style
01 - Mike T Do It Anyway
02 - Pookey Blow Get Up
03 - Eye Beta Rock Super Rock Body Shock
04 - Nice & Nasty 3 The Ultimate Rap
05 - MC Rock Lovely One Time Two Time Blow My Mind
06 - Denyce Flip Isaac Be For Real
07 - South Bronx Movement You've Got The Power
08 - The Jackson 2 Oh Yeah
09 - Missy Dee & The Melody Crew M
10 - Keeling Bedford Connection Rock The Message Rap
11 - Outlaw Four One Million Dollar Legs
12 - Mr Sweety At The Place To Be
Here is a nice collection of some rare rap classicsfor all you old school headz out there 30 & up,Enjoy!
Funk Lovers WIll Enjoy This as Well ...I'd say most of the tracks are from around '79-81) Good Stuff!


Doctor Okeh said...


Styles said...

HIP HOP! HIP HOP! Thanks Doc can't wait to check this one out.

Olskool4real said...

Thought you was done with the hip hop? Well good you are not this looks like one of your awesome line ups of that real old school sh**!!Can't wait to check this one out!! Thanks again

Julius said...

Couldn't get the LP because of the new mediafire sign-up link, but I just wanted to say that 'The Place To Be' was recorded by William 'Sweetie G' Toby. back from 1980-83, I was a Dj at a skating rink in Jamaica, Queens called 'The Jamaica Rollerdome' & Sweetie was the MC there.

I'll never forget when he cut this song back in '81, he'd have us play the instrumental flip about 3 times a session & rap live over it. We had a skate contest featuring Ken 'Spider' Webb & homeboy got so amped, that he made himself hoarse. I still have a tape of that night somewhere. The brother was very intelligent & if you'd seen him, you'd have never believed that he was as dynamic an mc as he was.

Around 1986, he helped to usher in the House Music era singing on songs like 'Mind Games' & 'Power' by Cultural Vibe.

Just seeing that listing brought back some real nice memories :)