Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MC Shan - Born To Be Wild
Label:Cold Chillin'
Released:25 Oct 1988
1I Pioneered This
2Give Me My Freedom
3So Def
4Back To The Basics
5Go For Yours (’Cause I’m Gonna Get Mine)
6Born To Be Wild
7She's Gone
8Juice Crew Law
9Words Of A Freestyle
10They Used To Do It Out In The Park
11Never Rock A Party


Doctor Okeh said...


i got work for a bit in the morning then i'll finally have most of the rest of the day off ...i'll dig out some wax for yall...

soulsizzle said...

Thanks Doc. I've been in a very '88 mood lately.

cheeba said...

OH SNAP! Solid, Doc! Haven't heard this in years. Can't go wrong with Cold Chillin' that's for sure.

Thanks Doc!

phyrephyter said...

preciate it doc.

92bpms said...

Dope post. Thanks Doc

Apani said...

Thanks for the throwback Doc!