Friday, December 31, 2010


Willis said...

Whut up D Rok?

Willis Coulis here... aka Paul Gruber

Just checkin your spotz n things. Thought i'd say whet ep.

I was readin bout the tuff times u been thru, and its goin around cuz we are underemployed round here in Mississippi and the bills are snowballing. Tryin to stay outta debt tho.

I appreciate the fact that are still internetting.

I'll holla bro.

LuvJonez said...


I have been mining your site for years now and have come up with many good ideas and catchy loops from some of the records you post. If you are interested i checking them out, maybe you can spot some of your records in here. Thanks for being one of the real headz and always posting dope stuff.

Doctor Okeh said...

Willis waddup homie been awhile bru,, howzit goin???