Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twinkle - Golden Lights

1964-1969 Singles
1 Terry
2 The Boy Of My Dreams
3 Golden Lights
4 Ain't Nobody Home But Me
5 Tommy
6 So Sad
7 Tommy (German Language Version)
8 A Lonely Singing Doll
9 Unhappy Boy
10 Poor Old Johnny
11 I Need Your Hand In Mine
12 The End Of The World
13 Take Me To The Dance
14 What Am I Doing Here With You
15 Now I Have You
16 Micky
17 Darby And Joan
18 Soldier's Dream
'Michael Hannah' LP
19 Days
20 Caroline
21 Radio Station Lady
22 Little Piece Of Heaven
23 I'm A Woman You're A Man
bonus:1984 Single
24 For Sale


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