Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horace Andy - Sings For You And I


Doctor Okeh said...

Horace Andy - Sings For You And I
Record date : 1973-75

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
They Can't Conquer Me
I've Got To Tell You Goodbye
Just Say Who
Love Of A Woman
Money Is The Root Of All Evil
Something On My Mind
Zion Gate
You Are My Angel
Ain't No Sunshine
Guiding Star
True Love Always Shine Bright
Don't Try To Use Me
We've Got To Forward Home
Goodnight My Love
Riding For A Fall
No Man Is An Island
Rain From The Skies
Thank You Lord
Better Collie

good stuff!http://www.mediafire.com/?v2acrh0mbz1

jdayal said...

Doc, thnx alot. Much appreciated!

92bpms said...

Great post here. Horace Andy's got that haunting voice. Vibes aplenty.

daytime lovers said...

I love Horace Andy. Thanks!

big butta beats said...

excellent! i did what the album cover said and took 20 hits before listening.

catacaldos said...

Thanks for the gem, I love this album.

Craig said...


Apani said...

Good looking!

daidodread said...

Thank you !

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all your hard work!