Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Songs From The Street


Doctor Okeh said...

by request ; For Paul
Songs from the Street - 35 Years of Music

1. Sesame Street Theme - The Kids
2. ABC - DEF - GHI - Big Bird
3. Bein' Green - Kermit the Frog
4. Sing - The Kids
5. Five Songs - The Kids
6. Five People in My Family - The Anything Muppets
7. People in the Neighborhood - Bob and the Anything Muppets
8. Henson King of the Eight - Jim Henson
9. Hi De Ho Man - Cab Calloway and the Two - Headed Monster
10. How Do You Do - Lena Horne
11. Over, Under, Around and Through - Grover
12. Ladybugs Picnic
13. Somebody Come and Play - The Kids
14. Jellyman Kelly - James Taylor and the Kids
15. Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel and Oscar the Grouch
16. Everybody Sleeps - Joe Raposo
17. Rubber Duckie - Ernie
18. Doin ' the Pidgeon - Bert
19. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simon and the Kids
20. Sweet - A Little Baby Boy - Pete Seeger and the Kids
21. 1-2 - 3 Sesame Street - Stevie Wonder
22. Pinball Number Count - - The Pointer Sisters
23. I' ve Got Two - Big Bird. Oscar the Grouch, Mr. Hooper and Everybody
24. I Love Trash - Oscar the Grouch
25. Nasty Dan - Johnny Cash and Oscar the Grouch
26. Sing After Me - Madeline Kahn and Grover
27. Captain Vegetable - Captian Vegetable with Eddie and Andy
28. African Alphabet - Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Kermit the Frog.
29. B.B. King - B.B. King with Bert, Benny Rabbit, Big Bird and Baby Bear
30. C is for Cookie - Cookie Monster
31. Kiko and the Lavender Moon (Elmo and the Lavender Moon) - Los Lobos
32. Sweet in the Mornin' (Tweet in the Mornin') - Bobby Mc Ferrin with the Birds
33. Small People - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers with Prairie Dawn and Big Bird
34. Imagination - Ernie with Big Bird and the Cast
35. From Your Head - Diane Schuur with Elmo
36. What's the Name of that Song? - The Cast
37. The Batty Bat - The Count with Ftatateeta and the Bats
38. Mah Na Mah Na - Mah Na Mah Na
39. Little Things - Tony Bennettt with Lexine
40. One Small Voice - The Kids, Hoots the Owl, Prairie Dawn
41. I Don't Want to Live on the Moon - Aaron Neville and Ernie
42. This Frog - Kermit the Frog
43. I Love Trash - Steven Tyler
44. Two Princes - Spin Doctors with Zoe, Elmo and Telly
45. Like the way I do (Like the way U Does) - Melissa Etheridge
46. But I like You - Bert and Ernie
47. Tu Me Gustas (I like you) - Luis and Elmo
48. Mambo I,I,I, - Gloria Estefan
49. Monster in the Mirror - Grover
50. Hold my Hand - Hootie & the Blowfish with Elmo and the Kids
51. I'm Talkin' Love - Trisha Yearwood and Herry Monster
52. We are the Earthlings - A Boyand the Anything Muppets
53. Happy to Meet You - Celine Dion with Herry Monster, Elmo and Big Bird
54. Shiny Happy People (Furry Happy Monsters) - REM and Muppet Rock
55. Believe in Yourself - *NSYNC Listen Listen
56. A New Way to Walk - Destiny's Child with Elmo, Groverand Zoe
57. Elmo's Song - Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus
58. Slide (Pride) - Goo Goo Dolls and Elmo
59. Sing - Dixie Chicks
60. Just Happy To Be Me - Fugees
61. Put Down The Duckie - Ernie and Hoots the Owl
62. Everybody Be Yo'Self - Keb' Mo' and the Kids
63. Sesame Street Theme Remix - Ursula 1000




all together
digging this back out took almost an hour,,,finally found it
ripped it
not long
posting, almost 2hrs...
half of my day off is gone
i'd better make my runs.....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Doc you da Man for this one! Edumakashonal material for the kiddies! Thanks man.

Olskool4real said...

Man my son will trip out on this!! He may get put on meds for hearing voices!!!Thanks!!

tswift98 said...

Thanks for this, gonna give this to the thank you too!!:)

thecorrector said...

Cool - been diggin some Street music lately. Should find some more this summer.

jdayal said...

Awesome Doc, Was it you that put that Roosevelt Franklin Lp a couple of months ago?

Doctor Okeh said...

naw that wasn't me, J

paul said...

Dear Doc,

Your generosity is unprecedented.

My sincerest thanks for your time and efforts, I missed out on this one when your blog went private last year.

Just an incredible effort,

Many thanks


Simon666 said...

totally gangster :)

Flashlight said...

Glad you're back, what a compiliation!

Many thanks!

geo said...

Ladybug Picnic just made my day/week/month! Thanks Doc!!

captain groovy said...

once again you blow my mind.Can't say thanx enough times!!

Funkback said...

Oh no!! Mediafire reports invalid Quick Key. I hope there's something You can do about this, as I was hoping to catch som muppets and Soul today. Cheers!

Simon666 said...

OK , so my son was obsessed with "ManaMaNAH when he was 2 a few years back, so I decided to do a remix for his birthday.

Just wanted to funk it up a little (which proved difficult), so added a few drums, a bassline and some subtle rhodes. First half is pretty faithful, then we go into a Grover jazz vocal scat about halfway through.

The end was developed and extended from a big orchestral flourish which only appears once in the original.

So without further ado, for all the gangsta children out there :


Enjoy :)

FunkyEarWax said...


Apani said...

HA HA! I got to share this with my fam! Good throwback foreal!

jonathan.sandler said...

The Stevie Wonder track is out of control. My whole family thanks you for this one.

TheDoctor said...

Thanks. 'Preciate the effort put into this.

VonCheech said...

thank you. !!!
i appreciate you hard work !
i have been wanting this for awhile now !
whoo hoo !

BigRed said...

been looking for this collection for a long time now, thanks for the share!!!!!!

Duela315 said...

This has to be the illest post i've ever come across. I definitely appreciate the time you took to dig this out. Bless you good sir!

breeson said...

Thanks very much!! It's funny I found your site when searching for Sesame Street music since I really love all the excellent vinyl you've got too!

Now I just need to find a copy of "Sesame Road" - especially for "Letter B" and "Hey Food" - and me and my kids will be set for Sesame music...

Bojan Marinovik said...

greatly appreciating the effort.. thanks doctor

Anonymous said...

Do you have the very first Sesame Street LP or the Dr. Suess LP with Horton Hatches An Egg on it. I've having flashbacks and now i want to hear some of my childhood favorites.

Anonymous said...

OMFG!!!!! all my adult life, i've been wondering about "ManaMaNAH", and now i know where it came from. Thanks guys. One less thing to think about

Qpid said...

This totally made my day! My daughter's gonna love this! Your blog is now in my Top 10 favorite blogs. :)

Qpid said...

Thank you very much. (Almost forgot. Hehehe.)

Judith said...

Thank you very much. I was looking for Sesame Street songs for a long time. I appreciate all the work you've done.

brian said...

thanks a lot!

magpi said...

.so wonderfulli gracious!.
.african alphabet : brings a smile to my face : everytime.
...and my daughter's just the same.
.thanq sir!.

bobbysu said...

thank you very much

jfahark said...

Hey Doc,

The second disc link seems to be invalid now. Is that correct?