Sunday, May 18, 2008

Various - Okehdius Crates The Gals


Doctor Okeh said...

...and the ladies too

VA-Okehdius Crates - "The Gals"

01 Marva Whitney - Ball Of Fire
02 Jo Armstead - I'm Gonna Show You
03 Jo Armstead - I've Been Turned On
04 Millie Jackson - If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right
05 The Lovelites - How Can I Tell Mom & Dad
06 The Lovelites - How Can I Tell Mom & Dad (Inst)
07 Rufus and Chaka Khan - Stay
08 Barbara Acklin - Love Makes A Woman
09 Barbara Acklin - Come And See Me
10 Kelee Patterson - If It Dont Fit Dont Force It
11 Kelee Patterson - Be Happy

the Doctor is out for the day....
time to get the ol nano sync'd up for Monday....holla!!!!!

Robert said...

thx Doc,
looking forward to hear this!!

Pepper H. said...

Kellee Patterson, Joshie Joe, Marva...just what the Doctor ordered. Bless you!!

Doctor Okeh said...

yhea the Marva Whitney track ,I don't believe was on any album she put out (only one I know of)
someone correct me if I'm wrong???

but it is a sweet tune none the less..
glad to hear y'all diggin it
I know they're not the greatest rips but still worth hearing so others can seek them out
once again , enjoy!

wackscoobysnacks said...

thanks again for the post doc...can't wait to check this one out as well.

Apani said...

Thanks Doc. Got a few women to share this with. Definitely appreciate it!

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all your hard work!

SoulMonkey said...

Wonderful. Thanks!