Sunday, June 22, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

RJD2 / Constant Elevation 'Say Word' Mix
Year: 2002
Track Title
1. Intro
2. Omid featuring Nobody "Wading Venus"
3. Betty Wright "I Love the Way you Love"
4. Peanut Butter Wolf & Madlib "Rawcore"
5. RJD2 "The Horror"
6. Goblin "Profundo Rosso"
7. Z-Trip featuring E Moss & The Troublemaker "Backyard Banger"
8. Captain G. Whiz "Go G. Whiz
9. Soul Position "Unlimited"
10. MOP "G Building"
11. The Theme to "Mystery"
12. Joe Cocker "Woman to Woman"
13. Steinski "Vox Apostolica"
14. Diverse "Certified"
15. Tears For Fears "Head Over Heals"
16. RJD2 "Counseling"
17. EL-P "Day After the Day After"
18. Chief Xcel "Multitude"
19. Thomas Dolby "Blinded Me With Science"
20. Jay-Z "Jigga What, Jigga Who?"
21. This Kid Named Miles "Slight Amnesia"
22. Junior-Mama "Used to Say"
23. The Theme from "Night Rider"
24. Recloose "Chiqwanga"

nic said...

i'm not a big fan of mixes most of the time, but i'll check this out - thanks Doc.

Lion said...

Thanks! Nice mix.

Apani said...

Seems like it might be hot. Thanks again will listen to this!

LekkS said...

So eclectic)))) jus loving it - thank Doc!!

soulsizzle said...

RJD2 on a beat is fire. So I gotta check ole' boy on the tables.

Christian Baer said...

thanks man!

love your blog.

db1233 said...

This sleeve reminds me Escale Prty...