Sunday, June 22, 2008


Doctor Okeh said...

Various - Casino Classics

01 - Deon Jackson - That's What You Do To Me
02 - Wade Flemons - Jeanette
03 - Gil Blanding - Rules
04 - Little Edith - I Couldn't Take It
06 - Funky Sisters - Do It To It
07 - The Feathers - Trying To Get To You
09 - Willie Mason & The Fred Martin Revue - I Loved You Once
10 - Bobby Moore - I Carefully Checked Your Heart
11 - Bonnie Miller - What Are You Trying To Do To Me
12 - Towanna & The Total Destruction - Help Me Get That Feelin' Back Again
13 - The Divines - I Gotta Make It
14 - The Isonics - Sugar
15 - Freddie Hughes - Take Me As I Am
16 - Kenny Smith - Lord What's Happening To The People (Alt.Version)
18 - Vickie Adams - I'm Drowning
19 - Azie Mortimer - Haunted
20 - Herb & Doris - Somebody (Somewhere Needs You)
21 - Clay Hunt - Love's Gone Bad
22 - Pat Thompson & Archie Powell - Darling, Darling
23 - Otis Blackwell - It's All Over Me
24 - Dave Newman - Make Up Your Mind
26 - Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Spreadin' Honey
27 - Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band - I'll Be Around
some cool stuff here

Will said...

i'll check it out

thank you

Mike Evans of Deep Rooted Productions said...


tswift98 said...

Thanks Doc, looks interesting!

Martin said...

thanx man

Anonymous said...

Fine album. One thing, though, is that the cover isn't from this album. The album is the Goldmine CD "Casino Classics" (GSCD 123) but the cover art is from the album that was released on the Casino Classics label in the late 70s which consisted largely, if I recall, of bad white pop records of the kind that were tailor-made for the Northern scene at the time.

Doctor Okeh said...

yhea , this was a digital rip someone gave me , and I kinda figured that it wasn't the propper cover , but it's all I could find, thx for clearing that up , anychance you have a link to the actual coverart?

ChadYeezy said...

Thanks doc...looks great cnat wait to hear it

hooch said...

I know i'll probably get some stick for saying i prefer I'll Be Around by Doug Parkinson better than the spinners version.

Anyone know anything about this guy, other than the fact he's australian?

Thanks for the up doc.

hooch said...

here's the proper cover doc.

hooch said...

Loads of info about doug here.

Doctor Okeh said...

thx Hooch for the propper coverart!

TheDoctor said...


alex said...

many thanks doc!
i used to go to this club back in the 70,s
nice to hear these again m8!

Simon666 said...

Alex, we're wandering around the same blogs :)
Hooch I didn't go to this club, but I did used to go and see Doug Parkinson a lot around Sydney in the mid-to-late 70s, mostly at free concerts or supporting others , because I was underage so couldn't go to bars. The guy had a great soul voice, never got his best stuff recorded - was always after a hit single, doing cover versions. He performed with Renee Geyer sometimes. Strange to see him pop up in this context !

Thanks for this one good doktor!

paulvcarnall said...

ta very much!!!!!

alex said...

hi simon,
doug is also very well known to n/soul buffs!
had 2-3 singles played on the scene.
seems we have good taste re-blogs eh ?

Apani said...

Thanks Doc !

daniel said...

thanks! Love proper northern!

soulcontrollah said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, I love what you post!

Gianni said...

I like northern sounds!

pedro said...

wade flemmons great track doug parky to be frank another aussie pub band shouldnt be anywhere near the rest hey but thats me thanks

sodisfunk said...

thanks,merci,sarha a plus