Thursday, November 6, 2008

Street Military

01 Aggrivated Rasta
02 Never Leave The Pad
03 The Next Episode
04 Kick Door


Doctor Okeh said...

Man, I'll tell y'all I played this tape so much that it snapped , nothing some patience , scissors, and scotch tape can't fix tho', I just had to rip it!
It does have 5 sec burns in the last song on side A, and a minute into the first track on side two.
(hence: the scotch tape ref.)
for anyone who has the "Next Episode" release , don't think that the tracks are the same here. They do have the same titles and the same lyrics , but at different tempos with completely different beats...shitz ill forrealheadz...

big butta beats said...

"i let my tape rock til my tape popped..."

Mr.1derful said...

hyped 2 peep this, thx

Nickels said...

No idea, but if you drop it, it must be great.

Apani said...

Thanks Doc ,can't wait to listen!

pinkpob said...