Thursday, November 6, 2008

T Ski Valley

T Ski Valley - In The 80's(Capo Recs. - 1984)
01 - It's The 80's
02 - U.S.A Is The Best
03 - Sexual Rapping
04 - Rock The Beat
05 - Billie Jean (Valley Style Rap)
06 - Catch The Beat
07 - Cut It Up
08 - It's Just The Groove
09 - Invasion
10 - Never Let Go


Doctor Okeh said...


Mr.1derful said...

fire thx!

2timez said...

WOW T-Ski Valley.......this is sum real oldschool HIPHOP GOOD LOOKIN OUT said...

Whoa! No idea this was out there. I love Catch The Beat, and I have 1 other 12" by him on Capo... can't remember the name of that one.


David said...

Geahhh !
I Like this funky fresh stylee
thanks funky Doc, you make my day ! You’ll sure go to heaven by being so generous.
Peace !

soulsizzle said...

I NEED that jacket

Gianni said...

thank you mr Doc,
I was looking for all the lp!
thanks again

Nickels said...

Always nice with an old shool tune :)

Apani said...

Thank you Doc! Homeboy has the ILL playboy hat on!