Sunday, November 9, 2008

Billie Holiday - Lady Day
Disc: 1
1. What a Little Moonlight Can Do - Billie Holiday, Woods, Harry
2. These Foolish Things - Billie Holiday, Link, Harry
3. I Cried for You - Billie Holiday, Freed, Arthur
4. Summertime - Billie Holiday, Gershwin, George
5. Billie's Blues - Billie Holiday, Holiday, Billie
6. If You Were Mine - Billie Holiday, Malneck, Matty
7. A Fine Romance - Billie Holiday, Fields, Dorothy
8. Easy to Love - Billie Holiday, Porter, Cole
9. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm - Billie Holiday, Berlin, Irving
10. I Must Have That Man! - Billie Holiday, Fields, Dorothy
11. Me, Myself and I - Billie Holiday, Gordon, Irving
12. They Can't Take That Away from Me - Billie Holiday, Gershwin, George
13. Easy Living - Billie Holiday, Robin, Leo
14. A Sailboat in the Moonlight - Billie Holiday, Loeb, John Jacob
15. Trav'lin' All Alone - Billie Holiday, Johnson, J.C.
16. When a Woman Loves a Man - Billie Holiday, Hanighen, Bernie
17. You Go to My Head - Billie Holiday, Coots, J. Fred
18. My Man - Billie Holiday, Charles, Jacques
Disc: 2
1. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me - Billie Holiday, Gaskill, Clarence
2. The Very Thought of You - Billie Holiday, Noble, Ray
3. I Can't Get Started - Billie Holiday, Duke, Vernon
4. Long Gone Blues - Billie Holiday, Holiday, Billie
5. Sugar - Billie Holiday, Pinkard, Maceo
6. Some Other Spring - Billie Holiday, Herzog, Arthur Jr.
7. Them There Eyes - Billie Holiday, Pinkard, Maceo
8. The Man I Love - Billie Holiday, Gershwin, George
9. Body and Soul - Billie Holiday, Eyton, Frank
10. Swing, Brother, Swing - Billie Holiday, Bishop, Walter
11. Night and Day - Billie Holiday, Porter, Cole
12. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) - Billie Holiday, Porter, Cole
13. God Bless the Child - Billie Holiday, Herzog, Arthur Jr.
14. Solitude - Billie Holiday, DeLange, Eddie
15. I Cover the Waterfront - Billie Holiday, Green, Johnny
16. Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday, Javor, Laszlo
17. Until the Real Thing Comes Along - Billie Holiday, Cahn, Sammy
18. All of Me - Billie Holiday, Marks, Gerald
Slow Down - DrOk/JMJ remix


Doctor Okeh said...

Disc 1

Disc 2


Trag said...

Great collection but it omits what I'll always think is her most important song: Strange Fruit. It took great courage, at that time, for a jazz singer to choose it.

soulsizzle said...

Ill second what trag said. For me, "Strange Fruit" is the first thing that I think of when someone brings up Billie. Still gets to me every time.

Howie said...

Big Thanx, My wife love's Billie.

Direct said...

Thanks Drok!!!

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daytime lovers said...

Thanks a lot for this, Doc!

Music Meiho said...

Thank you

daniel said...

thank you!

Paul Kersey said...

THanks for the Billie...she can't be touched....some other spring is my joint.

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les18e said...

Thanks Doc; This is perhaps the smoothest voice of all time. Great choice to share.

bottomlesspedro said...

Thank you for this nice collection from Lady Day, perfect for anytime of the year but this is really hitting right now in the midst of winter.

Apani said...

I appreciate this DOC! Love Billie.