Friday, November 7, 2008

John Clarke

John Clarke - Rootsy Reggae
1. Big Leg Mary
2. You're Just the One
3. John Brown
4. Boss I
5. Creator
6. Recession
7. Polution
8. Wasn't It You
9. You Like to Borrow
10. Babylon Spanking
11. Abortion
12. Bum Bang Festival
John Clarke - Visions Of John Clarke
13. Good Collie Weed
14. You Like to Borrow
15. You're Just the One
16. Tell Me the Truth
17. We Need Some Solution
18. Wasn't It You
19. Babylon Spanking
20. John Brown
21. Shack Up with You
22. Come Back Darling


Doctor Okeh said...

Rootsy Reggae

Visions Of John Clarke


ninjabong said...

awesome not one but two johnny clarke albums, thanks as always!

the rapper said...

Hi Doc! How do I get an invite to 4BB? Just went for my regular browse & it seems to have gone private!

Soulico US Tour Blog said...

cant get my BB$ treat.
plz invite me in!

Heatrox Productionz said...

Now dat's what i'm talkin' 'bout!

malkire said...

Positivity on wax
music like this isn't made anymore
lovin' it bro

ceethechef said...

i love how some of them comments aint even a thank you,.,just a question on how to get on 4bb....

dont trip on them man,thanks for the albums!!!!!!!!!!!

Soulico US Tour Blog said...

hey doc
straight fire in here. wow, amazing albums that reallt hit the spot. roots-wise.
big up!!!!

Jazzsoulman said...

Hello Doc, I'm a great fam of those "Rootsy"m Regga So├║nds, and have never heard oh John Clarke. Thanks for teaching me once again

Jazzsoulman said...

And btw: Thanks for teaching me twice

dinko said...


Andre said...

thanks doc can't wait to check this out!

Bojan Marinovik said...

Always in a good mood for some reggae.. thanks bro

daniel said...

jah man!

emile63 said...

Thanks Doc, Love Johnny Clarke, but not familiar with these Lps. your work is greatly appreciated.

les18e said...

Thank you Doctor!

Harmonix said...

Good looks on the niceness.

Phil said...

Thank you Doc

Remy LeBeau said...

Great albums!

Apani said...

Thanks for sharing as always!

Conrad said...

good looking out