Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis - Heavenly And Faithfully
Heavenly :
01 Heavenly
02 Hello Young Lovers
03 A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
04 A Ride On A Rainbow
05 More Than You Know
06 Something I Dreamed Last Night
07 Misty
08 Stranger In Paradise
09 Moonlight Becomes You
10 They Say It's Wonderful
11 I'll Be Easy To Find
12 That's All
Faithfully :
13 Faithfully
14 Tonight
15 Nobody Knows (How Much I Love You)
16 One Starry Night
17 Follow Me
18 You Better Go Now
19 Secret Love
20 Maria
21 Where Do You Think You're Going
22 And This Is My Beloved
23 Where are You
24 Blue Gardenia


Doctor Okeh said...

man this took me all damm day to rip and edit
disc 1 Heavenly

disc 2 Faithfully
hope yall enjoy it!

Heatrox Productionz said...

Thanx again!

djandpete said...

great album thanks

k02 said...

Appreciate the hard work Doc. Thanks a million.

h said...

Thanks a lot !!

Messiah of Soul Power Music Group said...

thanks Doc! really appreciate this fam......i don't rip too often but i know how difficult it is when you're in the trenches trying to tweak it to sound just right.....thanks fam.....Peace


FASTMAN said...

THANK YOU '' Hard Work Doc. ''

GHoSTFiNGeR said...

many many Thanx!!! :-)

Ford MF said...

We appreciate the effort, doc.

Anonymous said...

this is official Doc!! Much respect.

Chris T said...

Your effort is appreciated. Thanks

hooch said...

Many thanks Doc - greatly appreciated!

Boo_2b said...

Thanks for this one!

curbfeelers said...

thanks for the hard work and effort.

Matt said...

Excellent share, Doc!

Thank you ;-)

Phil said...

Your work is highly appreciated! Keep doing what you are doing, man! Peace

Apani said...

Many thanks Doc!

Bojan Marinovik said...

For all the hard work, we thank you

catacaldos said...

Excellent work,much appreciated.Thanks for your efforts.

pinkpob said...


crispycritter said...

Thank you for keeping your links alive!Everyone needs a bit of Mathis, cant wait to hear the old Spots tune moonlight...

agzı bozuk düşmanı said...

Super songs and a master.
Thanks too much..
From Turkey..