Friday, November 7, 2008

Slim Smith

Slim Smith - Early Days
1. Give Me Some More
2. Build My World Around You
3. Let Me Go Girl
4. My Woman's Love
5. Love And Affection
6. Version Of Love
7. Watch This Sound
8. Out Of Love
9. If It Don't Work Out
10. Please Don't Go
11. Girl Of My Dreams
12. I'm Lost
13. 3 Times 7
14. Keep That Light


Doctor Okeh said...


Heatrox Productionz said...

Thanx pot'na.

Mr.1derful said...

tracklist looks ill

Mr.1derful said...

tracklist looks ill

pablo said...


Paul Kersey said...


Nickels said...

what a sweet reggae streak you put in.

les18e said...

Thanks man; more reggae; more!

Heavylox said...

I HAVE THIS LIKE 30 WAYS FROM SUNDAY, so i wont take it here, but i will say SLIM SMITH, before sinking into dementia, had a voice and delivery the gets RATED!

Apani said...

Thank you DOC!