Friday, November 7, 2008

VA - Work Your Soul

01 . Glenn Miller - Where Is The Love
02 . Jackie Edwards - I Feel So Bad
03 . Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Help Yourself
04 . Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Work Your Soul
05 . Lloyd & Glen - Mini-Skirt & Go Go Boots
06 . Phyllis Dillon - Make Me Yours
07 . Errol Dixon - The Hoop
08 . Desmond Dekker & The Aces - I've Got The Blues
09 . Jimmy Cliff - Let's Dance
10 . Alton Ellis & The Flames - Girl I've Got A Date (Soul version)
11 . The Gaylets - Here Comes That Feeling (Aka That Lonely Feeling)
12 . The Three Tops - Do It Right (Soul version)
13 . Jackie Edwards - Come On Home
14 . Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen - Never You Hurt
15 . Sugar Simone - I Want To Know
16 . Owen Gray - Help Me
17 . Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - This Heart Of Mine
18 . Derrick Harriott - Mama Didn't Lie
19 . Roy Docker - Mellow Moonlight
20 . Sugar Simone - King Without A Throne
21 . The Marvels - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
22 . Errol Dixon - I Don't Want
23 . Phyllis Dillon - Leave It In The Hands Of Love
24 . Eddie Thornton Outfit - Baby Be My Girl


Doctor Okeh said...

Disc 1

Disc 2


Liam said...

damn it, still blocked getting to mediafire.

Can anyone help with an link pls

christopher said...

Thanks, looks really good!

jaguar said...

Many Thanks Doc for this great CD.

Some great tracks here.

agdm said...

thanks a bunch!!!

greatly i know what to dig for..!!

you have opened me up to a whole new world of music and sound and artists/groups

again....thank you thank you

Ping pong fiend said...

Thanks for all the work you put in. Great music, almost always on point

Snitch said...

I'm loving the reggae. Thanks

Nickels said...

Doc and Trojan keeping 'em comming

phyrephyter said...

thank y9ou brutha

philipp said...

nice one! fantastic compilation - thanks for sharing!

Liam said...

Hey GUY's, can no one help upload to RS, help a soul brother out?

LekkS said...

thank you for this great stuff!

les18e said...

Thank you Doc.

All of this takes much effort on your part; I appreciate whatchu do.

flageolette said...

Ah Masterdigger!

Thanks a Lot!

It's highly appreciated over here,


King Megatrip said...

yes! now here's something I'm really looking forward to listening to tonight!

thanks doc.

Phil said...

Thanks Doc

bottomlesspedro said...

You always bring the reggae/rocksteady heat! This is dope, thanks! This blog has opened my eyes and ears to whole lot of good music.

james stacher said...

Really cool soulful reggae. Thanks!

JohnMichael said...

thank you!

Makem Def said...

"you have opened me up to a whole new world of music and sound and artists/groups

again....thank you thank you"


Apani said...

Good Looks Doc!

robbs said...

Thanks for sharing Doc!