Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Various - Strange Grooves And Other Antidotes For The Beating Heart

01 The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - Watch'n Chain
(The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - 1968)
02 Nina Simone - Go To Hell
(Nina Simone - Ther Very Best Of Sugar In My Bowl 1976-72)
03 Oscar Brown Jr. - Gang Bang
(Oscar Brown Jr. - Movin' On 1972)
04 Tom Scott - Today
( Taken From "Soul Treats Vol 2" )
05 The Bubble Gum Machine - I Wonder
( Taken From "Dusty Fingers Vol 4" )
06 Doris - You'll Never Come Closer
( Doris - Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby 1970)
07 Rainbow Church - Lookin Back
(Taken From "Fat N Funky Vol 4")
08 The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Countdown
(Sesame Street Disco)
09 Matata - I Believed Her
(Matata - Feelin' Funky 1974)
10 The Fabulettes - Muddy Waters
( Taken From "Sister Funk 2 - Compiled By DJ Ian Wright" )
11 Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
( Taken From "Soul Culture-Sunshower 02" )
12 Earl Brown - Get Together
( Taken From "Jamaica Funk" )
13 Joe Ki Peter Tomas Sound Group - Mao
( Taken From "Dusty Fingers Vol. 06" )
14 Ferdi Ozbegen - Kopruden Gecti Gelin
( Taken From The Album "Bosporus Bridges" )
15 Estelle Levitt - All I Dream
( Taken From Fat N Funky Vol 3" )
16 Al Wilson - The Snake
( Taken From The 7" )
17 Willie Bobo And The Bo-Gents - How Can I Say Goodbye
( Willie Bobo And The Bo-Gents - Do What You Want To Do 1971)


Doctor Okeh said...

this is jus some tunes I enjoy , I threw together last night as a somewhat comp , you might just find something here you digg,,,

soulsizzle said...

Gratzie! Dope spit.

Amacord said...

hi there,
came across your blog, xlnt stuff u r posting :) how to get the pw ,pls?

Doctor Okeh said...

LUCY ...all caps...

Antonio said...

This looks very interesting. Thanks.

Amacord said...

thx doc

Alejandro said...

thanks g

Carlos said...

Hi Doc, thanks for sharing these grooves. take care.

Chillerman1602 said...

Serious vibes! Right up the alley I like to hang out in. Is it a problem if I reference this "comp" by it's name when I play tracks off of it on my radio show (community radio station CKCU in Ottawa Canada)? Just thought I'd ask in case you're looking to keep a low profile.

Danny said...

Shukran! Very nice blog. Sallam.

phyre said...

diggin it doc !!