Monday, November 1, 2010

Humanimal Kingdom

Humanimal Kingdom
Lost & Unfinished Demos :Doctors Orders (It's Your World) 2001-2004

01 The Chase Ft Dan Doez Ya
02 Years Tomorrow Ft Chop Logik
03 Underground Clownin Ft Suiside & Meltdown
04 Reparations
05 All Dat You Can
06 The First Time I Heard A Rap Song
07 Dragon with a White Boy Tattoo
08 Skin Of Sin
09 Still Love Her
10 Revenge
11 So Fresh
12 Circus Life Ft Meltdown & Chop Logik
13 The Seven Deadly Ft. Suiside, Bones, Dan Doez Ya, Lil James, & Meltdown
14 Flavors
15 B-boyin'
16 Hearts of Men
17 Coffin of Thoughts
18 Superman Finally
19 For Me

Bonus Tracks :
20 Caravan Wings
21 EOE
22 Speak Life Ft Chop Logik
23 Under The Influence Ft. Meltdown

Produced by Chop Logik Co-Prod, by Doctor Okeh


Doctor Okeh said...

pt 1

pt 2

Bonus tracks

phyre said...

almost a year later im gonna see what this is about ..either way thank u doc