Monday, January 17, 2011

More Of Uncle Frank's 45s

Ace Cannon - Searchin b/w Love Letters In The Sand
Bruce Channel - Hey Baby b/w Dream Girl

J Garner - Mustard Greens B/w 99 Plus 1

Jimmy Smith - Hobo Flats pt 1/ Pt 2

Ray Charles - At The Club b/w Hide Nor Hair


Doctor Okeh said...

as with alot of old stacks of 45s these had no sleves and no dates on any of em , thought they were some cool ones anyways so her ya go!
dig it!

revfrank4 said...

Awesome post. Many thanks!

Antonio said...


Jazzsoulman said...

Long time no hear: Thanks for these goodies, doc.

rbarban said...

Thanks for these...Loved "Hey Baby" back in the day!

Andrew G said...

awesome, thank you!