Monday, January 17, 2011

Them - Them

Them - Them
Genre:Hip Hop
Style:Abstract, Experimental
I 2:25
Directions To My Special Place 4:34
Joyful Toy Of 1000 Faces 4:35
Revenge Of The Fern 4:53
Eating Homework 4:08
Lyrical Cougel 4:08
Grass Skirt & Fruit Hat 4:20
Crayon Sharpener 4:31
John Brown's Vaporizer 4:11
Another Part Of A Clown's Brain 4:21
Death Of A Thespian 4:58
It's Them 5:57


Doctor Okeh said...
sumthin for u Hip-Hop Headz out there...enjoy!!!!!

to said...

hm, no, it's not rory gallagher's them...
but i'll give it a try anyway...
thanx doc...

Roger_Paw said...

Can't wait to try this out; you find and upload the coolest stuff! Thanks!